• Stumps can be an eyesore  to a property and a potential  hazard. 
  • By grinding the stump, we can eliminate  potential threats and help restore aesthetics to the homeowners property.


Tree & Shrub Pruning

  • Not every tree with a defect needs to be removed from the landscape.  We offer a variety of bracing and cabling techniques to prolong the existence of a damaged tree.
  •  These bracing/cabling techniques help to save weak trees from further destruction.
  •  By stabilizing weak limbs, overextended limbs, and loose root balls,  we can help trees maintain  their form and restrain them from leaning or toppling over.

Brush Chipping & Land Clearing

  • Stump Grinding

  • Trees and Shrubs need to be pruned just as people need to get hair cuts!  Pruning trees and shrubs keeps them healthy and allows them to reach optimal growth.  
  • It is important to prune your trees for many reasons:

                ~It promotes the beauty and health of the tree.

                ~It allows for better air and light circulation.                                ~It safeguards that loose or dead limbs will not fall                   and do damage to your property.  

  • Our experienced arborists take great pride in the performance of their work, assuring that our customers trees will be the most attractive looking trees in the neighborhood!

Tree Rem​oval

  • We special​ize in removal of all types of trees.  
  • While quoting our customers, we  provide an assessment of  any potential tree hazards that could impact the homeowners safety.  
  •  Potential tree hazards include:
                  ~Dead or decaying limbs 
                  ~Trees growing up utility lines
                  ~Trees growing close to or over your house
  •   These are all hazards that could cause damage to the homeowners property or cause injury to people.  
  • Our team is highly trained in climbing and in operating all of our equipment. This allows us to confidently handle any size removal job smoothly and efficiently.

Bracin​g & Cabling

  • We sell bundled hardwood firewood!  Great for camping, or burning outdoors or in your home all year long!  
24 Hour Emergency Services
  • ​Southern 401 Tree Service has the equipment and expertise to assist with various land clearing services.  
  • We offer great rates on brush removal, chipping, and  storm damage clean-up services. 
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